Green Aerodynamics

SOLUS-Solutions and Technologies L. L. C., a registered service-disabled veteran-owned small business that develops advanced truck and trailer aerodynamic drag reduction technology to reduce our nations oil consumption. The SOLUS team is comprised of long haul fleet partners, engineering and manufacturing companies, and leading heavy truck aerodynamicist.

Made In America

Our mission is to aggressively address and reduce the energy demand of the trucking industry and the nation.  To this end all SOLUS products are MADE IN AMERICA.  SOLUS differentiates itself in the marketplace in three areas:

- a leader in commercial vehicle aerodynamics and drag reduction
- a proven track record providing fuel economy improvement services and products
- extensive portfolio of operationally practical and aerodynamically advanced technology

Patented Innovations

SOLUS provides a constant flow of viable green aerodynamic innovations based on customer and technology constraints. The current portfolio contains 12 patented or patent pending innovations. All innovations are aerodynamically robust and address the high drag areas on the target vehicles. All products satisfy the usability and durability criteria demanded by the trucking fleet owners and operators and have been verified by and are compliant with state and federal requirements and regulations.


SOLUS products have a 5 year guarantee and are manufactured to provide 10 years of operational use.  We encourage customers to return devices to SOLUS at the end of their useful lives in exchange for discounts on next generation technology.   SOLUS will package the product line with energy efficiency consulting services based upon proprietary drag auditing and drag clean-up processes.



Save fuel 

Leading innovator  

Minimize driver impact

Extensive offerings 

Improve safety

Operationally practical  

Aerodynamically robust

Optimized performance 

Exceed expectations








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