The SOLUS team has extensive experience covering all aspects of aerodynamics including but not limited to the following areas; subsonic to hypersonic, aerothermodynamics, experimental testing, computational analysis, propulsion airframe integration, aircraft design, flow and boundary layer control, vortex flow, civil aircraft, military aircraft, missile systems, transport aircraft, stability and control, control effectors, multidisciplinary design, and sonic boom. Specific areas of national and international expertise are drag reduction, passive and active flow control, and aerodynamic design.

The SOLUS team is prepared to provide consulting and research services to help your company develop innovative new technology.

SOLUS has state-of-the-art computaional capabilities to provide computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis for all fluid dynamic and aerodynmic problems including

  • Ground vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Buildings
  • Sports

The SOLUS team can also provide state of the experimental validation of aerodynamic devices through wind tunnel and SAE sanctioned road testing.

SOLUS Team Members have contributed to the following aircraft:
SO RHT Wind Tunnel Model in the Langley Full Scale Wind Tunnel

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