Ground Vehicle Drag Reduction

One of the primary areas of technology development at SOLUS is in drag reduction of ground vehicles. SOLUS has a number of advanced flow-control technologies under development that are focused on improving the fuel economy for a wide variety of truck systems. Preliminary operational test data representing 6 months of typical use has been completed on an initial family of technologies. These data show fuel savings between 10% and 15% with SOLUS technologies.

The SOLUS team is available to develop technologies and solutions unique to your ground vehicle system or flow control problem whether it is drag reduction, spray control, down force management, wake management, slip stream interference, undercarriage flow, internal flow, brake cooling, or braking stability.

SOLUS technologies are in hand that can be applied to all commercial road vehicles (ie. cars to heavy trucks), trains, and race cars.

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Drag Reduction Inventions

SOLUS has several new drag reduction technologies available for license, If you are interested in licensing any of these technologies please contact us. Click the links below to learn more. Read the press release here.


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