Athletic Training Devices
SOLUS has developed and patented a unique drag amplification technology, entitled Micro-Drag Generators, that can revolutionize resistance training in the following sports; swimming, speed skating, cycling, running, and rowing. The SOLUS drag amplification technology can be modulated in real time and has the ability to increase the resistance by a factor of ten. The force generated by the SOLUS drag amplification technology is distributed uniformly over the entire object to replicate the naturally occurring resistance that is felt by the athlete. The unique capability of the SOLUS technology ensures that the athlete is not forced into unnatural motion to compensate for a non-uniform counterforce that is typical of existing resistance training equipment.
SOLUS has a number of additional advanced micro and macro flow-control technologies under development that are focused on reducing drag or improving performance of the athlete. These technologies and solutions are extensions of our work in aerodynamics and ground vehicles research and we welcome the opportunity to apply these concepts to solve your needs in water sports, snow sports, cycling, track and field, sailing, and auto racing.
SOLUS invention increases resistance more than 300%


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