Aerodynamic Design and Analysis
The SOLUS Team provides cutting edge aerodynamic analysis, design and consultation.
Computational Grid of the Solus ODU Representative Heavy Truck (SO RHT)

SOLUS along with its partner ODU has developed a high fidelity representative heavy truck computational model. Please contact us if you would like access to the SO RHT computational model. (sample computational solutions)

Computational Aerodynamics

SOLUS has in-house computational capabilities using the award winning TetrUSS design suite. The TetrUSS code is a proven stable and reliable multiplatform system for unstructured Euler and Navier-Stokes computational fluid dynamic analysis. The SOLUS computer cluster consists of 4 nodes each with dual 2.0 Ghz PowerPC G5's and 5Gb of ram. Click here to see a chart presenting the scaling performance of the SOLUS cluster.

Experimental Aerodynamics

SOLUS team members are nationally and internationally recognized experts in experimental aerodynamics. SOLUS offers state-of-the-art wind tunnel test support and heavy truck aerodynamic technology assessment capability.

SO RHT Wind Tunnel Model

SOLUS together with partner Old Dominion University built a high fidelity 1/4 scale heavy truck wind tunnel model. This model is available to conduct high quality experimental testing of heavy truck aerodynamic devices. Please contact us if you would like access to SO RHT wind tunnel model. (more info)

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