SOLUS can support your needs through three different service areas; consulting, technology development, and research and innovation including the development of patentable technologies. The unique nature and world-class skills of the SOLUS team allows us to respond quickly to any request, independent of the size and complexity of the problem. SOLUS has the ability to supplement its intellectual capital through a national network of like-minded scientists and engineers.

Consulting services cover an extremely broad range of technical skills such as; experimental testing and analysis, computational solutions and analysis, data analysis, report writing, and engineering analysis to name a few. We can also provide on site customer support, program management, and training.

Technology development services are equally as broad as the consulting services offered by SOLUS. Technology development can vary from fundamental concepts to product fabrication and field tests. To support the unique needs of clients the SOLUS team will take advantage of the wide variety of government, University, and corporate experimental and computational facilities in the mid Atlantic region.

Research and innovation services are a unique specialty of the company and are only offered to selected clients that have sufficient capital and marketing resources to launch a new product. SOLUS will utilize its internal technology innovation development strategy to derive new solutions, technologies and products that satisfy the customer needs. SOLUS will guarantee the patentablility of the solutions.

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